The city of Muanda

Muanda, the only coastal city in the DRC, located just under 600 km from the capital city, Kinshasa in the province of Congo Central can be reached by road, air, or by river from Matadi. Muanda is a tourist friendly town, fishing is part of daily life in this community, early morning sights of fishermen going out in their wood carved boats is common, various relics are reminders of the slave trade and ancient pieces that are kept by village chiefs.

Muanda is home to the only Mangrove forest in the DRC, which is protected by the Ramsar Convention. In the forest, spread along the river branches, hundreds of parrots of amazing colours are frequently seen in the early morning hours, it’s a breathtaking scene best viewed during a boat ride. Manatee and Hippopotamus are frequently seen in some areas located along the river.

At the Point of Banana, where the gigantic Congo River meets the Atlantic Ocean, turtles are always seen in different areas of the beach, 40 km to north is the border across to Kabinda in Angola, and a 10 min boat ride to the south will take you to Soyo, a province of Zaire in Angola. With so much to visit and see whether you take a boat ride down the Congo River, discover and explore it’s ancient history, or relax along the beach, Muanda is becoming a popular tourist destination in the western hemisphere of the DRC.