La Beviour Resort (Hotel)

The hotel is located in the beautiful historical town of Muanda, perfectly positioned at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and along the River that flows into the sea. The hotel is designed so that guests can enjoy amazing views of the ocean and the river from any position in the hotel, including the rooms, restaurant, conference center, pool and bar.

Apart from our welcoming hospitality and luxurious facilities, the hotel will allow you to unwind while staying with us, whether in our cabanas, enjoying a gourmet meal in our restaurant, relaxing by the pool, having a drink at the bar or just enjoying an amazing sunset from anywhere in the resort. La Beviour also offers you access to water sports on the river along the hotel. Jet Skis, Paddleboats, and Canoes are available for guests taking a tour on the river while enjoying the natural mangroves.

Also, our facilities can cater events such as weddings, conferences, and any other major event throughout the year. La Beviour hotel is the ideal place for family holidays, romantic couple getaways, just having fun with friends, as well as business meetings and conferences.